Cats claim couple’s new blender before they could even open the box

Cats claim couple's new blender before they could even open the box

  • A married couple made the grave mistake of placing the box of their new blender unattended on the kitchen floor.
  • Before they could open it, their cats started claiming the box, and they didn’t have the heart to relocate their furry loved ones.
  • Their “stand-off” has since lasted for months, but it ended up giving everyone a good laugh.

A married couple ended up having a months-long stand-off with their cats, who claimed the box of their new blender before they could even open it.

Jessica and Nikii Gerson-Neeves share their home in Vancouver Island, British Columbia, with their three cats. They even gave them unique, goofy nicknames: Max, a black and white tomcat, is a “sentient soccer ball,” George: Destroyer of Worlds is a “sentient potato,” and Lando Calrissian is a “questionably sentient dust bunny.”

The couple grabbed the opportunity to get a Vitamix blender when they spotted a good sale on Black Friday.

Jessica and Nikii Gerson-Neeves
Photo Credit: Facebook

When they finally received it, they had to place it on the kitchen floor for a short while before they could find time to unpack it — a grave mistake.

The moment they returned to the kitchen, they spotted Max perched on top of the box. So they let him be and simply snapped a picture.

Jessica shared the photo on a Facebook group devoted to “chonky” cats and added a funny story about their two-hour stand-off.

Max the sentient soccer ball on Vitamix box
Photo Credit: Facebook

Jessica thought the story about the stand-off was funny, and was delighted when others found it amusing as well.

But the “stand-off” started becoming a serious thing for their cats, who took turns guarding the box!

The stand-off lasted for days, and then weeks. The cats never once left the box unattended, even in the middle of the night.

Jessica started to wonder why the Vitamix box had so much hold over them. Not even treats or other toys could draw them away.

cat on Vitamix box
Photo Credit: Facebook

They could just lift the cats off the box, but they were also enjoying the stand-off and the fun it’s been bringing to other people.

Nikii shared, “We’re far enough into it, I can’t move them now. They’re committed, we’re committed. ”

For the next plan, Jessica contacted the Vitamix company on Facebook to ask for three empty boxes. They were hoping that the new empty boxes will entice the cats to move away from the blender, but the clever cats did not give in.

cats on Vitamix boxes
Photo Credit: Facebook

It has been two months since their stand-off began, and while it has been silly, the couple plans to keep it going as long as it keeps people entertained.

We’re not sure how long they can hold off unboxing their blender, however. They do want their smoothies, after all.

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