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Church Offered Its Place For Worship To Muslim Brothers And Sisters During Ramadan



  • The Dar Assalam mosque in Berlin is unable to accommodate all the people for Ramadan Friday prayers due to the restrictions of only up to 50 people allowed to gather at a time.
  • That’s why the Martha evangelical church opened its doors to the Muslim brothers and sisters so they could have a place to pray.
  • A Mosque spokesperson said this is a good opportunity for an interfaith dialog during this time when solidarity is needed the most!

Compassion for humanity transcends race, color, gender, and religion—that is exactly what a German church displayed when it offered their place for worship to Muslim brothers and sisters who needed one for their Friday prayers during Ramadan.

After the religious services were suspended back in March to prevent the further spread of COVID-19, it is only recently that they are allowed to gather in not more than 50 people per group at a time.

The Dar Assalam mosque located in Berlin’s Neukölln district usually holds about 1,000 people during Ramadan in every year. But this time is quite different due to the social restrictions in place. With that, hundreds of German Muslim worshippers were left struggling to find a place to pray.

But the Martha evangelical church located nearby cannot just stand there and watch. So the church located only a mile away opened its doors to hold their Friday prayers for the month of fasting.

The church now reportedly conducts two prayers for the brothers and sisters in Islam—in German and in Arabic. Still, social distancing has to be practiced and worshippers have to wear masks. 

Because of this, the number of people able to participate in the services have doubled, according to the representatives of Dar Assalam. It has also helped them raise funds for the mosque while still in lockdown.

“It is a great sign of solidarity,” Juanita Villamor, mosque spokesperson, told Newsweek. “We are just thankful, this is a good chance of inter-religious dialog and it is wonderful that the church is doing this.”

Source: Good News Network