Daylight Saving Time’s Effect On Meal Time Has Milo The Cat Protesting [Video]

  • Daylight saving time has created havoc on the meal time of Milo the cat.
  • He protests by making a mess in the kitchen by knocking things off the counter, whining, scratching the couch and attacking his owner’s hair.
  • In the end, he apologizes to his owner by making biscuits and slow blinking, melting his owner’s heart enough to serve him his food.

Cats are sticklers to routine— especially meal time.  They have an inner clock that tells them it is time to eat.  Hunger is real.  And when they cannot eat on time, they meow out loud. Hangry is the word for it.

And there is no other way to stop them from whining, banging on their food bowls, circling on your leg but serving their food.

Behaviorist Robie Bescoby said that cats are inclined to follow their hunger pangs to know it is time to eat.  And humans verify their cues by feeding them at the same time every day.  That is why when Daylight Saving Time was imposed again and created havoc on Milo the cat’s meal time, he protested.  

Photo Credit: @mrmilothechonk (TikTok)

In the video that has already garnered 1.3 million views, Milo just shows how hangry he is.  He starts by meowing and getting his human’s attention.  And then he starts knocking things off the counter and “creating absolute chaos in the kitchen.”

But still it was not enough to bring in the food and so he continues whining desperately but the food is still not served.  And so, he gets back to attacking the decorative pumpkins on top of the kitchen counter. 

Photo Credit: @mrmilothechonk (TikTok)

But then, his actions in the kitchen are not gaining the attention he wants.  And so, it’s on to the next victim—the couch. He bombards the couch with scratches!  Lastly, sneaking up on mom and messing up her hair!

What a release!  And when he realizes it is not doing him good, he just makes biscuits and slow blinking at his owner.  He still loves her, no matter what and no matter how hangry he is.

And thus, he gets what he wants— his meal.

Source: Daily Paws

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Our dog was very put out by returning to standard time Sunday as well. She showed up to beg for her dinner at 3 PM instead of the usual 4 PM and was none too happy having to wait the extra hour.

My cat has been meowing ever since the time change. Many nights I had to give them a can of extra food for supper.

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