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Dog Got Distracted During Wedding Proposal: Forgot Her Role Helping Dad Propose



  • A man had signed up his dog for an important part in the wedding proposal he intends to carry out on the beach.
  • He put a sign that reads, ‘Mommy, will you marry Daddy?’” around the dog’s neck, intending that she would run after the couple on the shore, leaving the dog to pop out the question for him.
  • However, the playful dog runs after seagulls on the shore instead of doing the job assigned to her.

There is no doubt that this dog is a part of the family.

Ghost loves her parents and they love her back, so it was only natural that the dog takes part in every familial affair that would take place, including a wedding proposal.

The Dodo | Ashley Whiting

Mark had the proposal all planned. He and Ashley Whiting drove over to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, on one particularly sunny day last summer, to walk along the beach shore where he would propose and ask her to marry him. He had arranged it that the dog would play an important role in this proposal, he gets to pop the question for him.

 “Mark got help from both my sister and his sister to set everything up,” Ashley said. “He also had about 25 of our friends and family there, including my 96-year-old grandpa, to see the proposal.

The plan arranged so that the family and the dog were stationed on the section of the walkway unnoticeable to those walking on the beach, close enough to see what is happening, but far enough to not spoil the surprise.

Mark will walk with Ashley on the beach for some time before blowing his whistle to signal the family to let the dog run free from behind umbrellas that were set up to hide them, around his neck is a sign that reads, ‘Mommy, will you marry Daddy?’”. This was the original plan anyway.

The Dodo | Ashley Whiting

The dog ran towards the couple after the whistle was blown but later decided to run after seagulls instead.

“When Mark whistled, they released Ghost and she came sprinting after me, and then veered off and started trying to catch seagulls that were flying around the beach,” Ashley said. “Naturally, my focus went towards trying to control her. Mark had to grab my hand and get my attention before getting down on one knee and proposing. Ghost continued to leap around trying to catch seagulls while Mark proposed. It was all hilarious and totally perfect.” 

The entire thing was caught on camera, the proposal completely photo-documented … 

The Dodo | Ashley Whiting

… and the photos with the dog trying to help her dad propose are just too funny. 

The Dodo | Ashley Whiting

“It was a great depiction of our everyday life with Ghost — full of love but a bit chaotic,” Ashley said.

The Dodo | Ashley Whiting

The betrothed couple have started arrangements for their future wedding, still in agreement that their dog would take part in this ceremony even though they know that things could again go differently from what they planned.

 “Since I have all nephews, she may end up being our not-so-graceful flower girl,” Ashley said.

Source: The Dodo