Dog in War-Stricken Ukraine Couldn’t Stop Shaking Until A Vet Gained His Trust

  • For dogs in Ukraine, the war has rendered them scared and distrustful of people.
  • A volunteer doctor who came to take care of the animals, gave one dog a bath and groomed him, which started the dog to trust again.
  • The dog, Mr. Richard Gere, has transformed from scared to trusting of humans, paving the way for his adoption. 

Being under threat for the past months has taken a toll not only on Ukraine — the country and its people, but also on their beloved pets.  Dogs in shelters have shown nervousness, restlessness and distrust. 

Photo Credit: Dr. Courtney Katsur (Facebook)

As a volunteer vet in Ukraine, Dr. Courtney Katsur’s heart breaks every time she sees the animals in need.  One particular case, Mr. Richard Gere, has captured her heart.

Dr. Katsur said, “He’s not an old dog. But he looks like it because of what he’s been through.”

Photo Credit: Dr. Courtney Katsur (Facebook)

Mr. Richard Gere was in rough shape and he was uncomfortable around people. “Every time you’d touch him, he’d shiver,” Dr. Katsur added.

Photo Credit: Dr. Courtney Katsur (Facebook)

But once Dr. Katsur cleaned him up and groomed him, Mr. Richard Gere changed. He started reacting positively to the people who were taking care of him.  He trotted and jumped on his walks and did not need to be dragged any more.

Photo Credit: Dr. Courtney Katsur (Facebook)

He was named “Mr.” because he was a little spicy, said Dr. Katsur.

Mr. Richard Gere started to trust people and in time, another volunteer adopted him.  What good news!

Photo Credit: Dr. Courtney Katsur (Facebook)

As for Dr. Katsur who is now back in the U.S., she is thrilled that Mr. Richard Gere has found his forever home. We hope every animal displaced due to the war in Ukraine has found a family to take care of them.

Source: The Dodo

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