Dog is completely unimpressed with fellow dogs in doggy day care

dog unimpressed at doggy daycare

  • Pogo is one unique dog, and she knows it.
  • Everytime her mom takes her to her work at the doggy day care, Pogo distances herself and sits atop a barstool.
  • Sitting like a human on her high perch, she looks completely unimpressed by her fellow dogs!

Pogo, a 4-year-old American bulldog-boxer mix, definitely stands out from the crowd. If you have the chance to pass by the West Street dog bar/doggy day care in downtown Raleigh, you may easily be able to spot her. She’s the one who’s completely unimpressed by her fellow dogs.

Dog is completely unimpressed with fellow dogs in doggy daycare
Photo Credit: Instagram/pogoparkour

While her fellow pups can be seen playing together, Pogo prefers to keep her distance.

She’s usually seen perched high on a barstool, sitting like a human.

A video of her unimpressed look was recently shared on TikTok, with the caption, “This pup is a whole mood.”

Viewers were quick to theorize why Pogo refused to play with her fellow dogs. Some believe she’s an introvert, while others joked that she may not be a dog person.

Her mom, Grace Wheeler, has another explanation.

Grace works at West Street, so she brings Pogo to work with her every day.

“When she gets up on the chairs, we think that’s her way of trying to let the other dogs know that she thinks she’s better than them. I’ve worked in a few kennels, and she has always jumped up on the stools or anything that’s meant for a human,” she shared. “She is our little judgmental queen!”

Dog is completely unimpressed with fellow dogs in doggy daycare
Photo Credit: Instagram/pogoparkour

According to Grace, Pogo does many other activities like a human, aside from sitting and snuggling.

“She likes riding in the car and will hang her elbow out the window like a human (which seems to be a theme with her),” Grace shared.

Photo Credit: Instagram/pogoparkour

Pogo may seem unfriendly to other dogs, but she loves the attention she gets from humans, who quickly notice her unique personality.

“She loves people more than dogs,” Grace shared. “She has lots of fans. We post her on the West Street’s Instagram, and people come looking for her all the time.”

Photo Credit: Instagram/pogoparkour

Pogo is definitely a unique dog, and her mom loves her just the way she is.

“She has brought nothing but love and joy to us and everyone she interacts with,” Grace shared.

Pogo loves her mom, too, and she follows her everywhere! Well, perhaps everywhere there’s a barstool to perch on to distinguish her from other dogs.

You can check out more of Pogo’s antics on Instagram and TikTok.

Source: The Dodo

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