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Dog Always Finds the Biggest Stick that can’t fit in the Car [Video]



  • Henry has always had a great love for sticks.
  • Every time he goes outside, he hunts for the biggest one and tries to bring it home with him.
  • But the sticks he finds just won’t fit in the car, and his parents won’t let him take them.

Meet Henry. He has had a big personality ever since he joined his family as a puppy. He also has a great love for stick hunting.

Photo Credit: Amy W. Martin

Henry’s mom, Amy W. Martin, said that Henry was as small as a “6-foot sub from Subway” when they met him.

Now 2 years old, Henry has a “persistent” personality. “If it’s not his way, it’s NO way,” Amy shared.

So when Henry goes hunting for sticks, it absolutely has to be the longest one — and it absolutely has to come home with him.

Photo Credit: Amy W. Martin

His parents try their best to tell him that he can’t take every stick home, especially when they can’t even fit in their car.

Amy shared, “He loves sticks, but we try not to let him chew on them as they have made his mouth bleed. If he finds one on a walk, we need to negotiate with him when we get back to the car.”

Henry recently found the most amazing stick, so he wanted to take it home. His parents already told him he couldn’t keep it, but he kept on. He ran to the car and tried to get inside with it, but to no avail. The stick just won’t fit.

Henry tried so hard and couldn’t believe that the stick won’t cooperate, or that no one would offer to help him.

He sadly had to leave it behind.

Amy shared, “Him trying to get the stick in the car is nothing new. Typical him!”

Photo Credit: Amy W. Martin

You can check out more of Henry and his stick adventures on TikTok and Instagram.

Source: The Dodo