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Dog refuses to go inside until dad clears snow in doorway [Video]



  • Joe, an 8-year-old, 205-pound English mastiff, was about to return home from spending time outside in the snow.
  • But when he sees about 3 inches of snow piled up before the doorway, he refuses to come inside.
  • After several moments of unsuccessfully coaxing him in, his dad decides to shovel out a pathway for the giant dog.

Meet Joe, an 8-year-old, 205-pound English mastiff who loves spending time outside in the snow. Despite his love for the snow outside, he absolutely refuses to let it inside the house.

His dad, well-known cast-iron skillet fan Chris, recently shared footage of Joe refusing to go beyond a snowy doorway.

In the video, we can see Joe about to return home after spending a good time outside in the winter wonderland.

He’s about to step inside when he spots about 3 inches of snow blocking his way. As a giant dog, 3 inches shouldn’t be a big deal to him. He can just easily cross it — but he refuses to.

Joe’s parents repeatedly try to coax him to get inside, so he tries again and again. But each time, the snow is still there to block his path.

After trying four times, Joe gives up. He decides to just hang back and see how his parents will solve the issue of the blocked doorway.

Joe’s parents were definitely amused that the 205-pound dog seemed spooked by 3 inches of snow.

His dad, Chris, perhaps got tired of pleading with the stubborn dog to come inside, so he relents.

He grabs the shovel and clears off the snow blocking the doorway so Joe can finally return to the warm indoors.

The video has since been viewed over 2.1 million times on TikTok.


Several viewers offered several ideas on why Joe refused to enter, while some shared anecdotes on how their dog behaved similarly.

His parents may have thought that he was spooked by a little snow pile, but others think Joe was being considerate by refusing to drag all the snow inside. Or perhaps, he just wanted to avoid a slipping accident.

Whatever the reason, his parents would be glad to shovel out a pathway for him to feel safer anytime!

Source: Daily Paws