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Excited Pup Jumps into the Toy Bin to find the Perfect One [Video]



  • Mila simply loves toys — and she’s lucky enough to have an owner who lets her have a lot.
  • Every time they visit Menards, she’s allowed to pick one new toy from the assorted pet toy bin.
  • This time, the toy pile was too low for her to see the toys closely, so she just jumped right in!

Ever miss the fun feeling of diving into a ball pit? Or better yet, a bed filled with fluffy stuffed toys? Well, one adorable pup is lucky enough to have a parent who lets her jump into a toy bin!

Photo Credit: Shannon Emery via Storyful

Shannon Emery was shopping with Mila, a 1-year-old German shepherd, at Menards on Liberty, Mo. That’s where the pair came upon a bin offering assorted pet toys for $2.99. Mila couldn’t hide her excitement!

She kept checking every corner of the toy bin, propping her feet up to see every toy more closely. She wanted to pick the perfect one!

Photo Credit: Shannon Emery via Storyful

It turns out that Mila has done this before. Shannon told Fox 10 that the lucky pup gets to pick a new toy from the bin during every store visit — and she keeps propping her feet up next to it each time.

This time, the toy pile was too low for Mila to see the toys more closely. So she decided to just jump right in!

But Shannon was not able to capture Mila’s excited toy dive on video, so she wanted to recreate the moment and catch it on camera.

As Shannon coaxed Mila to pick a toy, she eventually jumped high and into the toy bin to get a much closer look.

Shannon can be heard in the background, saying, “This is how we shop for dog toys.”

The excited Mila took her time checking out the toys up close. She eventually chose a squeaky yellow ball.

We’re sure Mila will treasure her new toy… and we’re also excited for the next time she gets to pick a newer one!


Source: Daily Paws