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Familial Bond Forms Between A Woman And A Donkey Over Shared Loss [Video]



  • TikTok user @Shelnihahn met the neighbor’s donkey Jenny when she transferred to a new neighborhood after her brother died.
  • The donkey became her source of smiles as she dealt with miscarriage while Jenny also coped with losing one of her owners and her pony friend.
  • Jenny’s owner decided to give her to her neighbor seeing that the two now share a beautiful friendship.

When you lose a loved one and go into depression, having someone to share it with would somehow lessen the pain. You would have a companion to be there with and help you make it through the rain.

When Tiktok user @Shelbihahn lost her brother, she just moved to a new neighborhood. There, she met the neighbor’s donkey, Jenny. She was depressed but the donkey was able to make her smile with her presence.

Photo Credit: @shelbihahn (TikTok)

A year after her brother’s loss, she had a miscarriage. Jenny also experienced saying goodbye to one of her owners who died. Her pony pasture mate also died.

In two years, they both experienced painful losses. Since they have bonded so much over their shared experiences, Jenny’s owner asked if she would be willing to take the donkey in. And so, she set out on planning and building a comfortable place that Jenny can call home. She adopted Jenny and made her one of her family.   

Photo Credit: @shelbihahn (TikTok)

Commenters are saying that it was a case of the two mutually saving each other from the sad events of life. @user22479739817 wrote, “I love that the original owner saw this and reached out. We had a cat that fell in love with our neighbor’s daughter and we had to give him to her.”

@Rebeccalaliberte commented, “She’s like yep this is where I belong with my bestie.” @Pennylane quipped, “Her previous owners must have been pretty special people to think of giving her to you! So sweet.”

Photo Credit: @shelbihahn (TikTok)

They met at a time when they could fulfill each other’s needs and formed a sweet relationship that would last for the rest of their lives. We wish you both happy times ahead. 

Source: Pet Helpful