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Farm Dog’s Playful Friendship with Retired Show Horse Couldn’t Be Sweeter [Video]



Quick Smiles:

  • A farmer showcases an endearing bond between his dog and retired show horse.
  • Horses, similar to dogs, love playful antics like nipping and nudging, but they should always be supervised during play to ensure safety.
  • After potentially long show careers, retired horses in places like Maine enjoy their leisure time, sometimes forming bonds with other farm animals.

Parade Pets notes, “People who have horses often say that they’re basically just big dogs. They love to play, even as they age.”

This statement was vividly captured on Thursday, September 7th, when a heartwarming bond between a dog and a retired show horse was shared by a farmer in a video.

The proud farmer, known as Tyler The Farmer, showcased what might be one of the most delightful dog-horse duos ever witnessed. The charm and camaraderie evident in their playfulness are genuinely captivating.

Dogs and horses coexisting on farms is a common sight. Many farms have resident dogs that assist in herding livestock, including horses. Growing up together in such settings often fosters deep connections, and this appears to be the case for Tyler’s lovable pair.

The saying “horsing around” takes inspiration from the playful nature of horses. They, much like dogs, indulge in play-fighting, which often involves actions like nipping and shoving. However, there’s a fine line to tread. It’s vital to ensure the safety of both animals, given the vast size difference.


As Parade Pets points out, “Horses and dogs should never be allowed to play without supervision.” Horses can be unpredictable and might react adversely if startled, posing a risk to the much smaller dogs.

Once the fun and games are over, a dog might need a little cleanup, especially if they decided to roll in the dirt alongside their larger friend.

Maine, home to Tyler and his delightful duo, is known for its vibrant livestock show culture. For horses that have had long and fulfilling careers in shows, spanning anywhere between 2 to 20 years, retirement offers a peaceful time.

And what could be better than spending those golden years forming bonds with fellow farm animals and playing to one’s heart’s content?