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Female Moose Turns Man’s Backyard Into A Nursery For Her Babies



  • Roland Rydstrom started his preparations for the day, but something outside his window caught his attention.
  • Female moose and her babies entered his property and seemed comfortable enough to stay for the rest of the day.
  • Roland said he would be happy to babysit anytime.

Roland Rydstrom raised the blinds on the windows to let the morning light into his house. This was a normal day in Anchorage, Alaska. He started his preparations for the day, but as he was getting ready to take his seat and start working, something outside caught his attention.

There were moose in his backyard, basking in the sun.

The female moose living the woods birthed twins about twelve days before, but this close-up encounter with the moose was still a surprise. From what it looks like, this mama moose and her babies seemed comfortable enough in his backyard.

“I sat down to work, and fully expected the moose to walk away and they didn’t,” Roland told The Dodo. “They would just change positions and, as you can tell from the pictures, they just kind of moved around to meet the sun — the babies in particular.”

Roland packed up his work materials and moved closer to the window. This enables him to keep an eye out for the animals in his backyard and to continue with whatever he was working on that day.

 “We do know these are wild animals,” Roland said. “Especially with a mom and her babies, we would always respect their space and give them space to lounge as they did.”

The animals appear comfortable enough to be lounging about in his backyard. There came a point where the moose was scratching his head using one of the marigold pots. This appeared innocent at first, but when the pot tipped over, the moose had this mischievous smile on his face.

He watched as the animals moved out of his backyard, but came the moose came back. Later that day, there was a commotion coming from his backyard. Roland to investigate again.

“All of a sudden, I realized the other cow and her calves were running through our backyard and ran through that family,” Roland said. “The mom and babies jumped up and took off after them. It was an action-packed day.” 

No matter how difficult the day may have been, Roland is sure that he would be happy to babysit if ever the moose wanted to use his backyard again.

Source: The Dodo