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Five-Year-Old Sells Paintings For An Animal Shelter That Needs Pet Food Donation



  • Elliot is just five years old but her mind is set to solve problems. 
  • When she learned their local shelter is needing donations, she started a fundraiser. 
  • She created some paintings and sold them, earning over $900 for the animals.

Some are born talented, beautiful, wonderful, and some are just meant to do greater things — such is what Elliot Phillips-Hallock was born to be. 

She is only 5 years old but her mind is set on achieving many amazing things and turning ideas into actions with tangible results! And the best part about it is she’s got a soft spot for animals. 

It all started when she learned that their local animal shelter — Idaho Humane Society — is needing some help. Since she loves animals, especially dogs and cats, which she lives with at their home in Boise, she knew she had to do something after the shelter pleaded for pet food donations. 

Photo Credit: KTVB News

She looked for ways to raise money and thought since she loves drawing, why not try to do some painting as well and sell them to raise funds? So she went to her mom and asked for help. 

Her mom, Alyssa Hallock, was very supportive of her. “She loves animals,” she said. “It did not surprise me at all when she came up with this idea.”

So then she went to work right away and created a number of paintings in bright colors. Once she’s done, her mom posted them on Facebook and asked for support from their family and friends. 

Photo Credit: KTVB News

The response was overwhelming! Others even started to request some paintings which Elliot fulfilled happily. In the end, she has created 50 paintings and raised more than $900 so far! 

Accompanied by her mom, Elliot then went shopping and buy food and other necessities for the animals in the shelter. 

“We went to Zamzows and PetSmart to get all the food and toys and all of that,” Elliot said. 

Photo Credit: Maggie O’Mara (Twitter)

But what happened next was amazing — the manager at Zamzows learned that what Elliot was buying were all for the HS so he gave the little girl a $100 gift card! 

Her most favorite part though was seeing the animals and giving them the treats and toys they bought. 

“They gave us a tour and we all got to see all of the animals,” she added. “A lot of people there were very, very happy.”

Photo Credit: Maggie O’Mara (Twitter)

Of course, Alyssa was very proud of her young girl! 

Oh my gosh, I am so proud of her, it just explodes in my heart,” she exclaimed! “I’m also really proud of our community of friends and family, and even strangers, who have supported this little girl’s dreams.”

At only 5 years old, Elliot was able to provide a solution to a problem most adults would just shrug their shoulders with. Imagine what more ahe could do once she’s grown up! Good job little girl!

Source: Inspire More