Foster care no more: Sweet cat finally finds her home for good [Video]

  • Jolie has lived in rescue centers all her life.
  • Deanna McCallum saw her via Zoom and knew she needed to bring Jolie home.
  • Jolie has finally found a home she can call her own — this time, for good.

Jolie the cat has been living in rescue centers and foster homes for almost all her life. It took only one fateful Zoom call to change her life — for good.

A mainstay at the Cape Ann Animal Aid, Jolie was finally adopted by Deanna McCallum who only saw the feline through a virtual video call. In that instant, Deanna knew Jolie has to have a home she can call her own.

Photo Credit: Deanna McCallum/The Dodo

“She had been at Cape Ann Animal Aid for quite a while before I was able to meet her through Zoom,” Deanna shared with The Dodo. “I instantly knew she needed a loving home.”

Deanna immediately picked Jolie up at the rescue center, and the two instantly hit it — like a quiet mother-and-child kind of love.

Photo Credit: Deanna McCallum/The Dodo

When they got home, Jolie was extremely quiet, as if trying to assess her new home, but Deanna knew in her heart that her new cat felt truly home.

“She was extremely nervous when we got home! I opened her carrier and let her look around for a while,” Deanna said.

Although it took a little while for Jolie to finally settle into her new surroundings, she made it easy for Deanna as she was just as quiet and sweet, allowing herself to adjust gently. After all that she went through from being a stray to a rescue cat, all she just ever wanted was to feel loved.

“While it took her a few weeks to warm up, Jolie is the sweetest cat I have ever met,” Deanna said. “She’s never hissed, scratched or tried to bite me. She has never once even acted out. She’s just a sweet soul who needed a loving home, and I’m so blessed and thankful that I have her here with me.”

Photo Credit: Deanna McCallum/The Dodo

Deanna was just as happy because finally, no more foster-care hopping for sweet little Jolie.

Source: The Dodo

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