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Girl Scouts Selling Cookies Online to Help Frontliners is Exactly the “Cute Little Burst of Happiness People Need Right Now” [Video]



  • Sisters Piper and Julia, who are both members of a local Girl Scouts troop, thought about helping the frontliners in these times of uncertainty.
  • So they decided to sell cookies online since they cannot set up an outdoor booth.
  • Their cookies were a hit and many people wanted to help through their cute and sweet little way.

If it’s a gloomy day, take a cookie!

Girl Scouts Piper, 6, and Julia, 9, from Virginia Beach, Virginia, know this. They have seen how cookies make everyone’s day brighter. That is why, in the middle of today’s troubling times, they decided to send a little sweet help to our frontliners. 

Of course, their mom, Kacey Farrell, who manages the two troops, is very much supportive of this. Her kids have already gathered boxes and boxes of cookies. But she knew they can’t just set up a booth outside to sell them because of social distancing.

So Kacey looked for a solution and came across someone’s suggestion to make a “Facebook Live cookie telethon,” which is quite a great idea.

With the help of their older sister, Sylvie, 14, Piper and Julia set up their online cookie booth for a cause!

Sylvie shot and directed her little sisters’ video ad and Kacey shared it on Facebook, where they explained the details of their plan. Participants can then send payment to their mom’s Paypal account, which will go to medical professionals on the frontline. Every box of cookies sells for $4 dollars.

Photo Credit: kacey farrell (YouTube)

“With everything going on right now, it seems like our doctors and nurses are going to be hit so hard,” Kacey told Good Morning America. “Girl Scout cookies are a small way to say thank you, but it felt like an easy opportunity to let our frontline responders know how grateful and supportive we are.”

They have since raised about $1,000!

Piper’s troop has all of their boxes sold and Julia’s troop is also about to.


“Thank you for helping me keep our Girl Scout troops and the public safe,” Kacey wrote on Facebook. “Thank you for helping donate hundreds of boxes to our local medical teams. Life is beautiful… even in the midst of this unprecedented horror.”

Photo Credit: Kacey Farrell

Kacey is also thankful for all the “many messages saying that it was exactly the cute little burst of happiness people needed right now. The girls are so happy, and I am just so proud of them.”

Surely, cookies mixed with a dose of compassion and care, can brighten a gloomy day! Great job, kids!

Source: inspire MORE