Good Samaritan Sees A ‘Cotton Ball’ On The Ground Only To Realize It Needs Help

  • A passerby spots a ‘cotton ball’ on the ground near a tree while walking in Brighton, Australia and discovers it is a small bird.
  • The Good Samaritan searches for the chick’s parents and when he finds none, the person brings the bird to a wildlife sanctuary.
  • The tiny bird turned out to be a Tawny Frogmouth bird. It will remain at the sanctuary until it grows before it is released back to the trees.  

Australia is home to some of the most unique animal and plant species in the world.  They have koalas, platypus and the Tasmanian devil to name a few animals.  One bird native to Australia and Tasmania was recently rescued by a Good Samaritan.

A passerby was just taking a walk in Brighton, Australia when he stumbled upon a little fluff of cotton ball on the ground under a tree. When he approached it to take a good look, it moved. It has legs and it has a face! It was a bird!

The Good Samaritan thought that the tiny bird must have fallen from a nest in the tree.  He searched for a nest where the chick’s parents must be but he could not find one.  And so, he brought the chick to the Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary.


Sanctuary staff gave the tiny chick food and measured it on a small scale and named him Pod.

When the sanctuary posted the bird’s photos on Facebook, they asked, “Can you tell what this cute little fluff ball is?”

It turns out that the fluff ball is a Tawny frogmouth bird.  They are characterized as nocturnal, brown-colored and have large heads which leads them to be mistaken as owls.


Their brown color is sort of camouflage for them to blend well with the tree branches.  The Australian Museum wrote that frogmouth parents take turns in keeping their babies warm when they are born by sitting on their nest.

When Pod is able to thrive on his own, he will be released back into the trees where he belongs. But for now, he will be taken care of for him to grow at the sanctuary.

Thank you for rescuing Pod, Good Samaritan! 

Source: The Dodo

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