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Gotcha! Dog Steals Food Not Aware He’s Being Watched [Video]



  • Luke is good at being adorable… but he’s a sneak, too. But he’s bad at it.
  • His mom, Traci Grimsley, shares how Luke would sneak out to steal food from the counter, unaware someone’s watching.
  • Traci caught everything on video as proof. Luke’s guilty look says it all.

Adorable dog Luke is good at making people who meet him smile. What Luke isn’t so good at, however, is being a sneak.

But he still tries, thinking, no one is watching.

Luke’s mom, Traci Grimsley, was working at the kitchen in her computer when Luke obviously hatched a plan.

On the kitchen counter was a container of yummy food that Luke just had to have. Luke knew his mom is in the kitchen but he thought she was not looking. So, he went for it.

“I was facing the opposite way, so he didn’t think I was paying attention,” Traci told The Dodo.

Photo Credit: @lukethegoldenchild (Instagram)

Luke was caught red-pawed — and he knew it. Guilt is written all over his face… his adorable face. How could you stay mad?

“I wasn’t surprised that he tried to get the food, but I definitely didn’t think he’d be able to reach that far back!” Traci said. “I have to push everything back on the counter as far as I can.”

Oh, Luke.

Photo Credit: @lukethegoldenchild (Instagram)

Luke’s plan may have failed. But don’t feel too bad for him. He was not hungry at the time.

“He had just eaten his dinner,” Traci said. “He intentionally does things that he knows will get a rise out of me if I’m doing something that doesn’t involve him. He is like a permanently mischievous toddler.”

Source: The Dodo