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Grandparents Have Heartwarming Surprise Reunion after Hospitalization [Video]



  • Alice and Jerry Krenke have rarely been apart during their nearly 60 years of marriage.
  • So when Alice had to be hospitalized, everyone started to worry because Jerry couldn’t visit her.
  • Their family decided to surprise him with Alice’s early hospital release, and Jerry couldn’t be happier!

Alice and Jerry Krenke’s family have been witnesses to true love for decades. The loving pair have been happily married for nearly 60 years.

Spending a night apart was a rare occasion for the couple.

When Alice had to be hospitalized due to complications from a heart-valve transplant, it was the first time the two were separated for so long.

Jerry could not visit Alice because of the social distancing guidelines amid the pandemic. The whole family was worried for him.

So when his family received news of Alice’s early hospital release, they surprised Jerry — and the two lovebirds had the most heartwarming reunion!


Makes me cry every time. I love them so much❤️❤️❤️ ##fyp ##foryoupage ♬ original sound – Paige Hine

Paige Hine, their granddaughter, shared the endearing moment to TikTok.


In the video, we can see the pleasantly surprised look on Jerry’s face when Alice walks in!

Photo Credit: TikTok

He quickly wraps her up in a tight embrace.

Photo Credit: TikTok

Their pure love for each other is simply a sight to behold!

Photo Credit: TikTok

We’re glad that they’re back in each other’s arms. It was truly heartwarming to witness such an affectionate reunion.

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