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“Happy accident”gives man with missing teeth a brand new smile



  • A man with missing teeth hit the car of a dental implant sales rep. 
  • The sales rep decided to help the man get his teeth fixed.
  • With the help of an implant surgeon, the man got his smile back. 

Colliding with another vehicle will almost always ruin your day. A collision with a stranger, on the other hand, gave Greg Cuta of Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania, a fresh start on life!

Greg was driving one morning when, after hitting black ice, he collided with Cecilly Rudalavage of Ambler, Pennsylvania. No one was wounded, and Greg profusely apologized to Cecilly as they inspected their vehicles. During their conversation, Cecilly couldn’t help but notice that Greg’s mouth was missing teeth.

Greg has been the victim of “one lousy dentist after another,” resulting in a lifetime of pain, food restrictions, and embarrassment. He rarely smiled or even opened his mouth if he could avoid it. His self-esteem has been undermined at every turn, even by those closest to him.

His ex-wife even told him not to smile at the wedding.

Cecilly observed Greg’s teeth and inquired about them because she works as a dental implant sales representative for Ditron Dental, USA, and she sells the exact type of dental implant Greg required.


Cecilly took a spur-of-the-moment decision to help the guy who had just hit her car. She spoke with her boss, who agreed to pay for the dental work. She then attempted to locate Dr. Simon Oh, a well-known Philadelphia implant surgeon known for his pro bono work. Dr. Oh agreed to assist, and they settled on a date. 

Dr. Oh discovered that Greg lacked an upper jaw bone, preventing him from wearing standard dentures. Fortunately, this surgeon enjoys a good challenge.

Dr. Oh and his staff conducted Greg’s surgery after hours and for free. They created a 3D model of Greg’s skull using cutting-edge technology, which they then utilized to fit him with permanent implants. Greg’s new smile is gorgeous! Even better, he may now enjoy his favorite foods while smiling at everyone he meets.


Dr. Oh and his staff were overjoyed with Greg’s outcome and delighted to be able to use their exceptional expertise to make such a significant difference in his life. 

“It’s just really gratifying to not only have the skills to pull this off for somebody in need, but also work with such an awesome team that is so easily convinced to give back,” said Dr. Oh.

“I believe in karma,” Greg said. “If there was more people like me and Cecily and Dr. Oh, the world would be a better place.”

Cecilly is simply grateful that she was able to aid a fellow human in need with the resources she has. She’s grateful to everyone who volunteered their time, effort, and materials to help Greg get his new smile.

Greg happened to hit a dental implant sales rep’s car out of all the cars he could have hit! A  “fortunate accident” indeed!

Source: Inspire More