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Heartwarming Note Found in Goodwill Book Sparks Community Search [Video]



What You Need To Know!

  • A woman found a handwritten note inside a book she purchased at a Goodwill store in Gilbert, Arizona.
  • The note was written by a father to his son, encouraging him to believe in himself and assuring him of his love and respect.
  • The woman is searching for the recipient of the note and has received an outpouring of support from the local community.

In a heartwarming story out of Gilbert, Arizona, a woman’s trip to a Goodwill store for a Halloween costume turned into a mission to find the recipient of a touching handwritten note.

Rose Farmer was browsing the book section when an older woman picked up a book and the note fell out. It was written by a father to his son, urging him to believe in himself and promising his love and respect.

Touched by the note, Farmer purchased the book and took to social media to find Trent or his dad. The post on a local Facebook group has received hundreds of likes and comments from residents hoping to help in the search. “I feel like maybe all of us who were moved by the note are indeed a Trent, thanks for sharing the love note,” one person commented.

Others wrote, “I hope you find him!” and “you just helped a lot of people.”

Farmer herself believes that the message of encouragement has already made a difference, saying, “Sometimes it takes a stranger, you know what I mean, to lift you up and say, ‘You know what? I believe in you. And you can, you can do great things, you know, you can overcome any obstacle.’”