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Hero Pup Saves Family From Hidden Fire



  • Ten-month-old Great Pyrenees puppy Willow would always greet her mom at the door.
  • When she did not, her mom immediately knew something was wrong.
  • Willow was under a desk, sniffing out a fire at an outlet which saved the family.

The Radel-Paaby family had something to be really grateful for this Thanksgiving — their hero pup Willow.

The night before Thanksgiving when Caitlyn Radel-Paaby came home from the grocery store, she noticed that their sweet Great Pyrenees dog Willow did not greet her at the door.  She was also not with Caitlyn’s boyfriend and infant son downstairs.

Photo Credit: Caitlyn Radel-Paaby

This was extremely unusual, for Willow was greatly attentive to her mom.  There must be something that Willow was extremely focused on. 

So she started searching the house for Willow and found her under the desk in the office. She said, “[She] went under the desk and started acting really nervous and barking and wouldn’t come out. She even got a little defensive to get our attention and that’s when we noticed the outlet.”

Photo Credit: Caitlyn Radel-Paaby

Upon touching the wall, it was warm.

Apparently, Willow had smelled the fire from the electrical outlet before it could blaze into flames.

Photo Credit: Caitlyn Radel-Paaby

They immediately called the fire department and according to them, “if we hadn’t found it when we did our house would have gone up in flames overnight,” Caitlyn said.    

Willow has always been a cuddler and giver of hugs.  She is still a little skittish at 10 months old but would do anything to protect her family.  And protect them, she did!

Caitlyn said, “She had never done anything like this and we were shocked. “She is always making sure her human brother is safe and she clings to me like crazy and usually will alert if something is off but never anything serious until the outlet.”

Good job, Willow!

Source: The Dodo