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Hilarious Cat Pulls Off Coffee Heist [Video]



Quick Smiles:

  • Pixi the cat becomes an internet sensation after stealing whipped cream from his owner’s coffee in a viral TikTok video.
  • While the act was undeniably cute, experts warn against cats frequently consuming dairy due to lactose intolerance.
  • The video amassed over 730,100 views, with users admiring Pixi’s “polite” heist and unique markings. 🐱☕💕

When you’re enjoying your morning coffee, who would think a feline companion would be after your frothy treat?

Meet Pixi, the charming cat that has become the new internet sensation for his whipped cream heist.

In a delightful clip shared on TikTok by user Darjao612, Pixi isn’t just content watching his owner indulge in her creamy coffee. With the stealth and patience of a cat burglar, he bides his time, then makes his move!

Just as the whipped cream is set atop the coffee, Pixi swoops in, stealing some of that dairy delight with his dexterous paws.

The caption aptly sums it up: “Coffee time with my cat.”


Coffee time with my cat ☕️ 😋 ♬ original sound – Darja612


But while the video is a testament to Pixi’s adorable antics, experts caution against cats indulging in dairy.

A piece of advice from wellness gurus at Pet Keen highlights that while cats might adore the taste of milk and its derivatives, they are lactose intolerant.

Consuming dairy, especially sweetened variants like whipped cream, can lead to health issues if ingested frequently.

The video captured hearts across the TikTok community, racking up an impressive 730,100 views and earning 38,000 likes. Comments poured in praising Pixi’s cute mischief.

ScorpiOks remarked, “What a polite little gentleman.”

Echoing many cat owners’ sentiments, user7997429637845 shared, “I drink my coffee exactly the same and every single time have to give my babies as well.”


Others commented on Pixi’s tactful ‘skim-the-top’ move and his striking markings.

Whether it’s the anticipation, the sly move, or just the sheer cuteness of it all, Pixi has proven that sometimes, the little joys of life are worth purring over.