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Hilarious Video Of Jealous Cat Interrupting Tender Moment



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  • A hilarious video of a jealous cat interrupting a tender moment between two other felines has gone viral, with over 4.8 million views on TikTok.
  • Research has shown that cats can indeed experience jealousy, focusing more on objects that their owners show affection to.
  • The video sparked a lively conversation among viewers, with over 5,300 comments featuring witty remarks and playful interpretations of the feline dynamics.

she loves orange but tuxedo is always stealing oranges attention 👁️

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In a world where the internet is full of adorable cat videos, one particular clip has captured the attention of millions. This video, posted by TikTok user @_moonneverback in December, showcases a black-and-white cat affectionately grooming a ginger cat, only to be interrupted by a visibly upset calico cat. The text overlay humorously notes: “Calico is jealous her boyfriends started kissing.”

While it might seem unusual to attribute human emotions such as jealousy to our feline friends, research suggests otherwise. A study conducted by Butcher et al. in 2020 observed 52 cats in Japan. The researchers brought a cat-shaped plush toy, representing a “social rival,” and a non-cat-shaped furry pillow, representing a non-social object, into the pets’ homes.

Owners were instructed to pet and talk to the cat plush for 15 seconds where the animal could see, and then do the same with the pillow. The reactions of the cats were observed and recorded after each session.

Interestingly, the study found that cats were more likely to focus on the objects their owners were showing affection to, particularly the stuffed cat. This suggests that cats may indeed experience a form of jealousy.


Katherine, another TikTok user, commented, “I love how she just wedges between them,” while Maeve cleverly referred to the situation as a “meowange a trois,” a playful twist on the French phrase ménage à trois.

However, not everyone agreed with the romantic interpretation. One commenter suggested a different dynamic, writing: “It is the mom the dad and the baby.”