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Honest Teacher Found Bag Filled With Cash, Surrendered It To Police, [Video]



  • After his class was dismissed on Monday, Leo went out and saw a bag in the middle of the street. 
  • Noticing that nobody was picking it up, he decided to take it and found it was filled with lots of money inside.
  • Instead of taking it for himself, he did the right thing and surrendered it to the police, who returned it to the owner!

A middle school teacher from Rockledge, Florida, found a bag filled with thousands of dollars in cash, has done the right thing and gets rewarded for it.

On Monday, after his class was dismissed, Spanish teacher, Leo Nicaragua, of Kennedy Middle School spotted the backpack in the middle of the street and no one was picking it up. So he decided to take a look and found stacks of cash!

“I see a big pile of money and I’m like, ‘No, this is not a student’s bag.’ So I got all scared and put the money back in the bag,” he said.

He took the bag to the police and after inspection, they said it contained $6,000 in cash, $15,000 worth of check, 3 car titles, and boxes of masks, gloves, and wipes. 

It turns out, the backpack was owned by a local businessman who accidentally put the bag on top of his vehicle while he was at the gas station and left forgetting it totally. The money was intended for the payroll of his employees. 

Leo never dared to take a single cent and turned over everything to the police. He admitted that same day, he received an email from his bank notifying his account has zero balance. 

“But there was not one instant that I thought, ’I need this money for me,’” he said. “The minute I saw the money, I thought someone lost this money and someone needs to get their money back.”

Photo Credit: WKMG News 6 ClickOrlando (Youtube)

The owner of the backpack, who owns a pre-owned car dealership business, expressed gratitude to Leo and gave the honest teacher a $300 reward. He also offered to fix his car’s broken light which saved the humble teacher $400. Although, Leo said, he did it only because it was the right thing to do and people are supposed to do only what is right.

But that’s exactly the reason why he got the reward, because in this world full of cruelty and negativity, especially amidst a crisis, his honesty is so precious to be left unnoticed.

You deserve that reward Leo! Good job!


Source: Click Orlando