Little Dog Next Door Pushes Through Fence to Play With Neighbor’s Kids [Video]

  • Duncan the Boston terrier would not allow a fence to be a barrier so he can play with the neighbor’s kids.
  • He digs and pushes loose boards in the fence just to see his favorite playmates.
  • The kids also love to play with Duncan and have even provided him a bed for when he takes naps.

Duncan is a 2-year-old Boston terrier who loves to play with his neighbor’s kids and a fence cannot keep him away from them.

According to Brianne Fritt’s, the parents of the kids, “He started digging at and pushing on the loose boards in the fence pretty much right away. He does it anytime our three kids are in the backyard.”

And when Duncan finally managed to break a part of the fence, he started visiting regularly. For a month, he visited daily and Fritt’s family would know when he wanted to play because he would whine until they came out and played with him.

Photo Credit: Brianne Fritts (Instagram)

The Fritts children even made him his own bed as he also takes naps there.  Fritts said, “He goes back on his own once he figures out we are in for the night, or when his owner calls him to eat.”

Photo Credit: Brianne Fritts (Instagram)

With the Fritts kids wanting to have a dog for a time now, sharing Duncan with his original owner, they now know how it is to care for a dog. Fritts added, “We had a daily routine of freshening his water, cleaning his messes, playing with him, working with him on commands and spoiling him with treats.”

Photo Credit: Brianne Fritts (Instagram)

The set-up has turned out to be mutually beneficial for both— Duncan gets to play with the kids while the kids get to have a dog without actually having a dog. “They love it and love him,” Fritts happily concluded.

Source: The Dodo

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