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Marvel actor Dave Bautista adopts horribly abused puppy, offers 5K to find abuser [Video]



  • Real-life Marvel superhero Dave Bautista has decided to adopt a three-month-old puppy who was horribly abused after its tragic story melted his heart.
  • The former pro wrestler offered $5,000 to whoever can give information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for the dog’s abuse.
  • The puppy had to undergo surgery to remove the metal chain embedded in her neck.

An abused puppy who had to undergo surgery after she was found with a metal chain embedded in her neck now has a real-life superhero as her new “dad”: Marvel actor Dave Bautista.

A good Samaritan rescued the 3-month-old puppy last week. The poor soul was found eating garbage at a cemetery. She was taken to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay.

Shelter staff said the puppy they called “Sage,” had a metal chain embedded in her neck.

Veterinarians said despite being in so much pain, Sage was “wagging her tail on the exam table” as they checked her. The Humane Society of Tampa Bay performed emergency surgery to remove the chain from her neck.

The actor and former WWE wrestler offered a $5,000 reward to anyone who would come forward to identify the person who abused the dog. He later announced that the total reward climbed to $11,500 after Alvarez Injury Law Firm matched his reward, and the Humane Society offered an additional $1,500.

(Photo courtesy: Humane Society of Tampa Bay)


The Humane Society received a flood of inquiries from animal lovers wanting to adopt the little dog, but ultimately Dave decided he wanted to take care of Sage.

“Sage, now known as Penny, now has her very own superhero and will never know pain/suffering ever again,” the shelter said.

Dave shared the news in a video to his fans on Instagram, saying, “She is now a Bautista and she will never be abused a day again in her life… She is about to live her best puppy life ever.”

It’s not the first time Dave has rescued dogs from a Bay Area shelter. The actor adopted two bonded 6-year-old pit bulls, Maggie and Ollie, in 2019. The who were abandoned at Hillsborough County’s Pet Resource Center after their owner had a baby. 


“I needed them, they needed me,” Dave wrote. “These beautiful babies spent the first six years of their lives neglected and abused. And now they are going to spend the rest of their lives being spoiled and loved.”

Photo Credit: Dave Bautista/Instagram

Penny will join her new siblings at Dave’s home, where he is said to spoil his dogs with Tempur-Pedic dog beds, a large gated property and “doggy doors everywhere.” 

Thank you, Dave.

Source: Fox13 News