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Meet Baby, The Corgi That Can Pass As The World’s Cutest



  • You may call Baby, the Corgi, the perfect embodiment of the breed.
  • She’s learned cuddling and developed adorable quirks that could make the crankiest person smile.
  • Her mom, May Theint New, has dedicated a social media account just for Baby to share her overloading cuteness with the world.

Baby, like all Corgis, is adorable and charming. She’s always pleasant and loving, no matter who pets her. Plus, her quirks could make the crankiest person smile.

May Theint New is Baby and Cooper’s proud mom. She created an Instagram account dedicated to the two Corgis to share the dogs’ cuteness with the world.

Prepare to fall head over heels for Baby’s pictures posted below:

1. “Baby is very playful and feisty,” May said.

2. She knows that she’s cute no matter what, but being jealous when her brother gets more attention is unacceptable.

3. No matter the problem, she could deliver cuteness everywhere.

4. Her playing around with sticks is just too adorable.

5. Baby is irresistible, but even more so in this picture.


6. She mastered in hide-and-seek and peekaboo…

7. She could sniff, sniff around too.

8. Baby could be sassy, but even at that point, she is still too cute.

9. She doesn’t enjoy baths too much though.

10. Baby is a brave explorer of new territories!

11. She just mastered the art of quarantine cuddles.


12. She could probably cook now too.

13. “You like my socks? Gee thanks, was born with them.”

14. “Everything the light touches is our kingdom.”

No doubt, these corgis could put smiles on people’s faces.

Source: Inspire More