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Meet the Frenchie with Better Manners than Most Kids!



Quick Smiles:

  • A well-mannered Frenchie named Marvel has a unique post-drink ritual that has fans amazed.
  • While most pups leave drool behind, Marvel uses a special towel to dry his face!
  • Dog enthusiasts wonder: Can this courteous act be taught to older pups too?

We’ve all seen dogs make adorable messes, whether it’s splashing in the water bowl or playfully scattering kibble everywhere.

And while these quirky habits only make them more endearing, Marvel, a standout Frenchie, takes the cake for unexpected canine etiquette!

This past Wednesday, Marvel’s proud mom shared a clip that left us in awe.


Do you want to know how to teach your dog to do this? πŸ€— ♬ original sound – Marvel 🐢 & Ellen πŸ‘©πŸ»

Marvel, after quenching his thirst, doesn’t simply prance away with droplets trailing behind. Instead, he takes a moment to delicately wipe his face on a soft, green microfiber towel nestled next to his water dish. Can we say, “Sophisticated pooch”?

It’s easy to see why fans like the owner of two Boston terriers commented, “Marvel from @marvellen is so much nicer than my two Boston terriers will ever be.”


And the big question on everyone’s lips? “How do I teach my dogs to do this?”

Turns out, this delightful trick isn’t as complex as it appears. Being part of the Frenchie family, Marvel is highly food-driven. A simple strategy to instill this behavior is to hold a treat over the water bowl and release it only when the pup rests its chin on the towel. Starting young does wonders, but hey, old dogs can learn new tricks too, especially ones this straightforward.

Concerned about Marvel’s dainty skin? Worry not! While microfiber might not be the thirstiest of materials, it is gentle on the skin, ensuring our well-mannered Marvel stays comfortable and dry.

As we collectively “aww” over Marvel’s impeccable manners, it’s refreshing to know that some canines out there are giving human kiddos a run for their money in the decorum department! Cheers to Marvel and his exemplary behavior! 🐾πŸ₯‚πŸ’•