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Mom-To-Be Walks In On Cat Lying In Baby’s Crib While Listening To Nursery Music [Video]



  • A TikTok video shared by a soon-to-be mom went viral as she walked in on her cat listening to nursery music while lying in a baby’s crib.
  • The mom explains that her cat thinks the nursery is for him too and is excited to meet his baby brother.
  • Netizens are commenting on the cuteness and verbalizing what the cat is saying that he’s the baby.

A cat must be excited about meeting his soon-to-be-born baby brother that he decided to sit in the baby’s crib and listen to soothing music.

In the video posted by @nurse.gingersnap on TikTok, the text reads: I was hearing nursery music playing and walked into this.  This was her cat who looked at her while listening to the lullaby and sitting in the crib.

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The cat owner and would-be mom captioned the video “Please ignore my messy house [but] this was too cute not to share.”

And the internet agrees that it is cute and funny!

The cat’s mom explained in the comments: “I honestly think he thinks the whole nursery is for him too.” She added: “he’s ready for the baby to be here lol he still loves feeling the baby move too.”

What a devoted feline older brother! He knows that his mom would let him join in caring for the baby, thus his confidence.

Photo by Megan Stallings on Unsplash

A cat’s reaction to a new baby depends on its personality, according to Cats protection, a U.K.-based charity.

“A devoted cat that joins in human activities will probably have hurt feelings but is likely to join in with caring for the baby if you let him. An independent cat who treats you like a hotel will probably ignore the baby as long as hotel services remain unchanged.”

Other TikTok users are reacting to the cat’s antics and what he was doing there like Katie Jones-Gooch, who wrote: “They have to make sure the babies stuff is in working order! Lol.”

Photo by jbc on Unsplash

Some commented on what the cat could be saying. Ruth said: “The look on his face, like what?!?” Tamara Tobin chimed in, “But mama, remember when you said I was your baby?” while Jennakathleenwhoa, commented: “I’m baby.” Erin said, “I hate that people have to say ignore the messy house. It’s not messy, it’s lived in. adorable cat.”

We completely agree. The kitty brother is cute and his devotion to his soon-to-be-born brother is adorable.

Source: Newsweek