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Nonagenarian Couple Decided To Finally Tie The Knot In The Midst Of The Virus Crisis



  • 91-year-olds couple Jeanine and Don Sandin are both widowed and they have decided to finally tie the knot.
  • In the midst of a health crisis, they decided to “legalize” their relationship for security in case one of them needs to be hospitalized.
  • Their wedding happened in the pastor’s backyard in St. Pete Beach.

The 91-year-olds couple from St. Petersburg, Florida, decided it’s time to tie the knot while in the midst of the coronavirus outbreaks. 

Jeanine and Don Sandin realized they had to take their relationship and make it legal in papers considering their age and the current health crisis—in case one of them needs to be hospitalized. So the nonagenarians got married on Easter Sunday,  says the Tampa Bay Times.

Photo Credit: Barbara Bertucci

“We just decided a couple of weeks ago,” Don told the newspaper. “Because of the circumstances that are going on in society, we just felt that we should legalize our relationship, so we would be protected.”

The wedding happened in the pastor’s backyard in St. Pete Beach. Their rings were bought online and they keep the number of guests to only a few. Don sent the invitations through email with his version of the song “Get Me to the Church on Time” from the musical “My Fair Lady” in 1956.

Photo Credit: Barbara Bertucci

“I had been singing it ever since we decided we would get married,” he said. “We got it on tape, so that became part of our official ceremony.”

The couple said their matched sense of humor and similarity in experiences made them perfect for each other—they were both widowed.

“It’s a very easy relationship,” says Jeanine. “We have the same stories. We lived in the same time.”

Photo Credit: Barbara Bertucci

Jeanine’s bore three sons with her first husband who died in 1970. During the wedding, one of his sons joined her and Don was joined by her niece. The newlywed now regularly take walks at a park in St. Petersburg to celebrate their life of being together.

“When we actually began our formal relationship in July last year, I said to Jeanine that I don’t know how many days we have, but we have today,” Don said. “And we are grateful for today.”

Source: New York Post