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Owner Shares Clip Of Her Cat “Who Doesn’t Like To Breathe” While Sleeping [Video]



  • Penny the cat is awakened by her owner telling her how people are still asking how she can still breathe in her facedown sleeping position.
  • @pennythegingercat regularly posts Penny’s “strange” sleeping positions but the face-down position is the most popular. 
  • The website PetMD notes that with the cat’s spinal column discs being elastic, it allows them to twist and turn, making any position possible and comfortable. 

Cats sleep for up to 18 hours a day in places and positions we may find uncomfortable, according to PetMD.  Some prefer elevated places while others curl up in enclosed spaces like boxes or perch on top of furniture.  Some are on their backs with paws stretched apart while others bury their faces under their paws or face down.


well i tried my best ♬ original sound – Penny 🐱

“The most-common position cats sleep in is referred to as the crescent position. Cats sleep in this position for two main reasons. It helps them conserve heat, and it helps them protect their chest and abdominal vital organs”, according to Veterinarian Zac Pilossoph.

People may find their positions strange and uneasy but for them, it is comfortable. Just like TikTok user @pennythegingercat who regularly posts about her cat Penny’s strange sleeping positions.  But one position garnered almost 25 million views and she even asked “how do you breathe?”


still don’t know how she sleeps like this ♬ original sound – 𝓜𝓲𝓪𝓪_❤️🚛

In the video, Penny is sleeping face down when her owner calls to wake her up.  Penny reluctantly lifted her head up, glared at her mom one-eyed and listened to her mom telling her how people were still wondering how she was able to breathe sleeping face down.  Penny’s head slowly goes back down and she curls up to go back to sleep.

Penny’s owner wrote in the caption: “sorry guys Penny was feeling extra tired today.” 

The reasons why cats adapt their positions vary.  PetMD continued that when they sleep on their back, they feel “safe and confident.” When cats perch on furniture, they gain safety from being on higher ground or being away from children or other pets. 

@pennythegingercat Replying to @dallydally13 ♬ original sound – Penny 🐱

The website also states that the “discs in a cat’s spinal column are very elastic,” allowing them to twist and turn their bodies. So, the positions that we find uncomfortable may be the opposite for them.

Penny’s TikTok bio says: “I sleep face down and love my treats” is proof that she is able to breathe and is comfortable with the position. 

One commenter completely relates with Penny: “The one eye still stuck is the exact representation of me on a Monday morning,” and another user lamented: “Penny is like, why can’t I just sleep in peace!”

So, sleep however you want, Penny!

Source: Newsweek