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People are gushing over this video of farm animals responding to their names being called [Video]



  • An animal sanctuary recently uploaded a video of their farm animals reacting to being called by their names.
  • The video now has over 2 million views on TikTok.
  • According to the farm, they talk to their animals like they talk to people.

It’s always a thrill to get to name your pet. And the first time you get to try it out is even better. It’s adorable! Unless, of course, you’re an animal sanctuary dealing with the difficult matter of animal naming.

The trouble is that no one online seemed to think that their animals remember their own names (how rude! ), so the facility decided to prove once and for all that this was just not true.


People ask us all the time if our rescued animals know their names. You tell us! 🥰 #rescueanimals #sanctuarylife #knowmyname #fyp ♬ Send Me on My Way – Vibe Street

The Gentle Barn (@thegentlebarn), an animal sanctuary with locations in California, Tennessee, and Missouri, frequently posts videos from their farms. However, a recent video was uploaded to prove some point.

The video, which shows several of the animals responding to their name being called, was captioned:


“People ask us all the time if our rescued animals know their names. You tell us.” Their reactions have people so touched. 

Is there anything sweeter than this? Over 2 million people have viewed the footage, and some have expressed their reactions.

“OMG Daisy. All of them honestly, this was wonderful haha thank you,” @thistownneedsanenema wrote

 “I was afraid none of them would respond like I do when someone calls MY name. Then came Henry,” @kimrhodes4real joked.


@Koppaja, another commenter, was smitten as well and asked how the animals were taught. 

The farm replied:

“When we care for our animals, we talk to them like they’re people and explain everything we’re doing, so they hear their names a lot.”

It all makes great sense to us. Plus, who wouldn’t want to learn their name quickly when the person calling them is almost certainly carrying food?


Source: Pet Helpful