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Pit Bull Cares for Blind Chicken Sister and Brings Her Favorite Toys



  • Peri the chicken was only months old when she became blind, but her pitbull brother, Taj, took care of her.
  • After Taj passed in 2018, new sister Gracie took on the role of protecting Peri.
  • The adorable pitbull helps her blind chicken sister by bringing Peri her favorite toys whenever she can.

Peri was just a days-old chick when her family adopted her. Unfortunately, she came down with a severe eye infection six months later, and she eventually became blind.

Photo Credit: Christa Hubbard

Her family immediately made several adjustments in their home to help Peri as best they could.

Christa Hubbard, Peri’s mom, told The Dodo, “We made adjustments to help her as she lost her sight: bowls on a throw rug that make noise, special low roosting bars, an ottoman in the living room to ‘watch’ TV with us in the evening and an extra large ottoman in our room, next to our bed, for her bed. We hired a chicken ‘nanny’ to help her out when we weren’t home.”

Photo Credit: Christa Hubbard

Peri is a sweet, cuddly chicken, and she loves getting the help she needs from her family. When she first became blind, her pit bull brother Taj became her main protector. 

Photo Credit: Christa Hubbard

Christa shared, “He was 3 years old and quickly took to helping her find her way. A seeing eye dog for a hen. These two spent the next eight years together. He would guide and protect her. They napped together, sunbathed together. Taj died in July 2018 after a long battle with cancer. Peri was lost without her buddy — she knew he was gone.”

Photo Credit: Christa Hubbard

Since Taj had been such a huge part of Peri’s life, her family weathered through their healing hearts and decided to adopt two pitbull puppies.

Peri immediately perked up again when she realized she had new friends. Peri soon became very attached to her sister Gracie, quite like how Peri and Taj used to be — with one added bonus. 

Since Peri is blind, Gracie decided to help her by bringing Peri her favorite toys whenever she can. And Peri is so grateful for every gesture. 

Photo Credit: Christa Hubbard

“Gracie will bring Peri a toy, place it in front of her and wait,” Christa shared. Gracie is always there for Peri, waiting on her and checking if she needs anything.

Photo Credit: Christa Hubbard

Peri loved Taj so much. Now, Gracie is just as important. The two sisters are always together, and Peri can be sure that Gracie will keep her safe, happy, and never without a toy for the rest of her life. 

Photo Credit: Christa Hubbard

Christa believes that Gracie is just continuing “where Taj left off,” adding, “Two sweet souls have found each other.”

Source: The Dodo