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Police Rescue Couple’s Engagement Ring From the Sewers



Quick Smiles:

  • Improvised Ingenuity: Using a street-found metal pole, masking tape, and a paperclip, our heroes fashioned a rescue tool.
  • The Perfect Shot: How did the ring manage such a “one in a million shot” to fall through a tiny sewer hole?
  • Wedding Invite: Grateful for the save, the couple playfully extended a wedding invitation to the officers.

In the heart of Pittsburgh, two officers turned a potential heartbreak into a heartwarming tale of quick thinking and community spirit.

Sergeant Andrew Robinson and Officer Kyle Briggs were just going about their routine patrol when they stumbled upon an unexpected challenge.

A distressed woman on 16th Street had just lost her engagement ring down a pesky sewer hole, and our daring duo was ready to dive into action.

“The officers overheard a woman and her fiance’ saying she had lost her ring down a sewer that had a tiny hole in the middle,” shared the Pittsburgh Police Bureau.

Taking matters into their own hands, the officers showcased some MacGyver-style creativity. They crafted a makeshift retrieval tool using a metal pole they found nearby, a bit of masking tape, and the ever-versatile paperclip. With this device, they embarked on their delicate rescue mission.

Captured on video, one can witness the careful extraction of the ring, clinging to the pole as it emerged from the depths.

“The sergeant who was there said it was a “one in a million shot” that it came off her finger and went into the hole.”


After their triumphant retrieval, the grateful couple, whose names remain unknown, expressed their gratitude with a touch of humor.

“We don’t know the person’s name. She and her fiance’ were very thankful, jokingly invited them to the wedding, and then drove off in a vehicle with out-of-state plates.”

Another day, another save for Pittsburgh’s finest – proving they’re always there, whether it’s tackling crime or retrieving treasured possessions.