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Pup’s Sassy Antics When Owner Leaves For Work Will Make You Laugh



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  • A Scottish crossbred pup named Lily has gained internet fame for her sassy behavior when her owners go to work.
  • Her owner, Emma, describes her as the “most dramatic dog [she’s] ever met,” and her antics have delighted TikTok users to the tune of over 58,600 views and 5,200 likes.
  • Scientific studies affirm that dogs truly miss their owners, as a part of their brain associated with positive feelings gets activated at their scent.

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From the misty highlands of Scotland, a little crossbreed pup named Lily has effectively spread laughter across the internet. Her quirky behavior when left alone in bed by her owner has gained significant attention on social media.

In a TikTok video posted under the username lilylana28, Lily, a mix between a Lhasa Apso and a Maltese called a Lhatese, is seen silently protesting her owner’s departure to work. “See you soon okay?” says her owner as she approaches the bed, but our little actress remains unaffected and ignores the farewell.

“Went to say goodbye to Lily, but she doesn’t speak to traitors who leave her,” the caption of the TikTok video reads. It goes on, “She’s not interested in anything I have to say this morning.”

Emma is the lucky parent of this four-legged star. She shares that her nearly twelve-year-old dog is the “most dramatic dog [she’s] ever met.”


“She is so intelligent but uses it only for manipulation, she makes us laugh all the time. She is quite a nervous dog but at home where she’s comfortable she has such a big personality,” Emma revealed about Lily.

In the viral clip, the theatrical Lily is occupying her uncle Jamie’s bed, voicing her displeasure at everyone leaving for work and her having to stay alone until they return.

If you’ve ever wondered whether your pet canine missed you when away, the evidence is clear. According to a study conducted in 2015, dogs miss their humans above all else.

The research involved scanning dogs’ brains via MRI while exposing them to the scent of different people, including their owners. Upon recognizing their owner’s scent, a part of their brain tied to positive feelings switched on.


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