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Purr-fect Ending For Stray Kitten Rescued from Airport Ramp



  • A stray kitten found at an airport terminal ramp has now been adopted.
  • Airport workers rescued, fed, and cared for the kitty and looked for a forever home for him.
  • The adorable furball has now been named Boeing by airport safety officer Wes England.

Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport Twitter account posted: “A happy ending for everyone!” “#Airport Ops to the rescue!” #flylouisville #rescue

On the Kentucky airport’s Twitter account, they said that the baby feline that was discovered wandering through the terminal ramp by their ops team, has a happy ending. Airport workers cannot help but be ecstatic with the positive outcome of their rescued kitty.     

Although it is not clear how the tiny kitten ended up there, the airport operations team immediately rescued the cat, cleaned it up, and cared for it overnight with lots of food and love.

The crew members also informed the other workers of the quest for a forever home for the kitty. The announcement was answered quickly by an employee who offered to adopt the cat the next day.

One of its public safety officers, Wes England, is now the new fur dad of the feline and named it Boeing after the aircraft that frequently land and take off from the airport.

Wes England with Bo.
Stray Kitten Rescued from Airport Ramp Gets Adopted by Safety Officer: ‘A Happy Ending for Everyone’

Boeing, nicknamed Bo, has now landed into his forever home with the England family— Wes, his wife Katrina, and two children: Hailey, 14 and Gage, 4, who warmly welcomed him into their home.

As Wes told WDRB, his kids and Bo have now become inseparable.

Terminal workers still do not know how Bo wandered off into the tarmac but he is not the first case of fur babies being found at the airport and getting adopted after.


Chewy, a three-month-old puppy, was abandoned in a bathroom at the Las Vegas McCarran International Airport in 2017.  Terminal workers found him, cared for him, and put him up for adoption.  He has now been living in his forever home.

Source: People