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Rescued Cat Transforms from ‘Touch Me Not’ to Love Magnet



  • A cat too scared to be touched when he was rescued has now transformed into a love giver at the sanctuary.
  • Humphrey now comforts those who come in at the sanctuary, scared and traumatized.
  • Sorry, you cannot apply to adopt him, he’s found his forever home at the sanctuary.

There are many reasons why cats or any other animal would be scared of others and human beings.  They may have been abused and traumatized when they were young.

When a 4-month-old orange kitten was rescued from a highway intersection by Brenda Wilkinson and brought to the Hands of Mercy Cat Sanctuary, the kitty had serious injuries.  If not for the able hands at the sanctuary, he would have perished.

Photo Credit: Brenda Wilkinson (Facebook)

On his way to recovery, Wilkinson noticed that the kitty was always calm and strong and his spirit was not broken and so she named him Humphrey or “peaceful warrior”. She said, “I could tell he was a survivor, and I wanted him to know I knew that.

In spite of his fighting spirit, Wilkinson was terrified of humans and was not comfortable with affection and touch from humans.

Photo Credit: Brenda Wilkinson (Facebook)

Wilkinson said, “He was terrified of everything.”  But Wilkinson persevered and in less than a month, Humphrey learned how to purr to her and that started the constant purring.  All that Wilkinson had to do was look at Humphrey and he would purr.

It was also the beginning of Humphrey becoming the love magnet as he spreads love to all those who exhibit behavior just like him— scared to receive love at first. Take “Angry Benny” or “Benny”, another rescued cat, who only allows Humphrey to comfort him.  He even receives cuddles from Humphrey! And then there’s Kevyn who cannot tolerate other cats but proved to be putty in Humphrey’s paws.

Photo Credit: Brenda Wilkinson (Facebook)

Even those who are not traumatized would gravitate toward the loving vibe that Humphrey exudes. 

With the comforting and loving presence that Humphrey has been giving rescued animals at the sanctuary, he now has become the sanctuary’s in-house nurturer and is no longer available for adoption.  He already has the sanctuary and the loving staff there as his forever home.

Source: The Dodo