Rescued Dog Siblings Placed for Adoption Separately, Until Rescuer Realizes They Need Each Other

  • Dog siblings Pasta and Pepsi had each other for warmth and comfort when they were dumped in an unfamiliar neighborhood.
  • They were rescued and placed in a facility for treatment.
  • The siblings were originally placed for adoption separately, and be up for adoption as a package deal.  

Troubles and hardship can be less of a burden when you have someone to share them with.

When siblings Pasta and Pepsi were abandoned on a street corner, the two pups did not have a choice but to rely on each other for comfort and warmth to weather the cold lonely days and nights ahead.  They did not know the neighborhood where they were dumped in.  All they had was each other.

Photo Editor: Suzette Hall

They stayed huddled like that for five days. 

Logan’s Legacy founder Susan Hall was informed of the siblings. She said, “The neighbors told me that they would literally lay on top of each other at night to sleep.”  This prompted her to come and rescue the pups.

Photo Editor: Suzette Hall

And she found them huddled together, waiting for whoever dumped them there.

Hall was able to trap one first and stayed to trap the other one.  She said, “I’ll stay all night if I have to and I’ll never leave one behind if there’s two.”

When she finally had the two pups in her vehicle, they were in separate crates.  While on their way to a facility, she could tell that the pups were distressed as they were trying to get to each other.

“I could just tell that they needed each other,” Hall said. And so, she had to stop and unite them in the front seat of the car. The two immediately curled up together.

Photo Editor: Suzette Hall

When they were rescued, the pups’ furs were matted and dirty.  Now, they are recovering and have been undergoing treatment for their ailments.  Once they have recovered, the siblings will be placed in foster care together and will be adopted as a package deal. 

Pasta and Pepsi have weathered the odds together because they had each other. It is fitting that they get to live in their forever homes, together.

Whoever takes in these two will be blessed by double doses of love.

Source: The Dodo

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