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Scary Good! Haunted House Pays Off School Lunch Debts in Utah



Quick Smiles:

  • Fear Factory, a haunted house in Utah, has paid off lunch balances for two Salt Lake City schools, ensuring that students can enjoy school meals without worry.
  • Co-founder and CEO of Fear Factory, Bob Dunfield, expressed his concern for children unable to afford school lunches and decided to take action to combat the problem.
  • The generous support from Fear Factory comes at a crucial time when one in ten Utah children faces hunger, making a significant impact on the community and allowing children to focus on their education.

Fear Factory, the spooktacular haunted house based in Utah, has conjured up some unexpected magic by bringing joy to the local community.

In a ghoulishly good move, the company has cast away the burden of lunch balances for two Salt Lake City schools – Mountain View Elementary and Park View Elementary.

This bewitching act of kindness ensures that no little monster has to go without a school lunch, allowing them to focus on their studies and enjoy meals with their classmates.

Bob Dunfield, the co-founder and CEO of Fear Factory, revealed the inspiration behind this heartwarming gesture.

“It breaks my heart when I hear my grandchildren talk about kids in their classes that can’t eat school lunch because they have run up outstanding balances,” Dunfield confessed.

Determined to make a difference, Fear Factory embarked on a mission to combat this problem and create a more significant impact on the community.

The need for assistance becomes even more apparent when considering that one in ten Utah children faces hunger, which amounts to over 93,000 children, according to a report from Feeding America.


The generous support from Fear Factory couldn’t come at a better time.

District 2 Salt Lake City Council Member Alejandro Puy expressed heartfelt gratitude, stating, “I’m so grateful for the individuals behind local businesses like Fear Factory who step up when their community needs it most.”

Puy recognizes the significance of Fear Factory’s contribution, allowing children from the westside to focus on their education without worrying about their next meal.

Mountain View Elementary and Park View Elementary are Title 1 schools, providing financial assistance to those with high numbers of children from low-income families. Fear Factory’s act of kindness directly benefits these students, relieving the financial burden of unpaid lunch balances.

Dunfield emphasizes the power of small and simple actions, stating, “We realize that through small and simple things, great things can be accomplished.”

“We also know it takes more than one donation like this to make a significant impact on hunger in our state,” Dunfield added.


He challenges other businesses to join the fight against food insecurity in Utah, urging them to find ways to contribute. Together, a united front can make a lasting difference in the lives of children and families facing food insecurity.

As Halloween approaches, Fear Factory demonstrates that even in the spookiest of times, the spirit of compassion and generosity can shine through.

Let this heartwarming tale remind us that acts of kindness can light up the darkest corners of our community. Together, we can build a world where every child has access to nourishing meals and the opportunity to thrive.

So, let’s raise our broomsticks and commend Fear Factory for their hauntingly good deeds!

Source: KSL