Seagull steals toy fish from a gift shop and tries to eat it [Video]

  • A baby seagull was wandering off the streets when he spotted a toy fish at a gift store.
  • He had many attempts to steal the fish and try to eat it.
  • A video captured the hilarious theft, showing the little bird trying to get away with his crime.

It was love-to-eat-you at first sight.

A baby seagull spotted a fish lying in a basket close to the doorway of Northern Exposure Candle Company in Port Clinton, Ohio. The stuffed toy probably looked so appetizing to him that he decided to steal it right then and there.

Photo Credit: Northern Exposure Candle Company

“He must’ve noticed the walleye, which looks realistic to him,” store manager Kylie Gospodarek told The Dodo. “The first time, he came in the store and grabbed the walleye, but was shooed out of the store before making it out.”

Kylie added that the baby seagull still didn’t know how to fly, so it was wandering off the streets.

“He was just a late bloomer — there wasn’t anything wrong with him,” Kylie said. “The rooftops of our town are notorious for seagulls breeding … and when the babies learn to fly for the first time, they don’t actually make it all the way, so they wander around the streets.”

Photo Credit: Northern Exposure Candle Company

Despite his failed first attempt, the little seagull was no quitter. He was determined to nab the fish and directed his efforts to getting his meal.

The strong-minded bird continued to sneak into the store when he thought no one was watching. He’d had many attempts, until finally, he pulled off his burglary.

“I had about six customers in with me, and they noticed him and were like, ‘Hey, is he supposed to be in here?’” Kylie said. “I already knew who he was, so we ran around our displays to corral him out the door. He just went for it and grabbed the fish, and he made it out the door on his fourth attempt.”

Photo Credit: Northern Exposure Candle Company

Kylie, with some store customers, chased the seagull. They guided him onto the sidewalk, where he finally dropped the toy.

“A lot of people wanted me to give it to him, but I don’t think they realized he was trying to eat it,” Kylie said.

Days after his successful theft, the little seagull appeared at the store again, still looking for his fish.

“He’ll kinda walk in the door … and he’s like a little puppy dog,” Kylie said. “As soon as he sees me coming, he’ll turn his head and is like, ‘OK, I won’t come in.’”

Kylie thought that the bird has finally learned how to fly, as it stopped dropping by at the store to sneak in. She hoped that he’s finally forgotten about the fish and found himself real food.

With the grit he’d shown with the fake fish, we’re sure he’d already gotten himself a meal, an edible one this time.

Source: The Dodo

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