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Senior Cat Adores Being Carried Around Like a Baby



Quick Smiles:

  • A woman has warmed the internet with her unique way of carrying her senior cat around.
  • The video, viewed over 3.9 million times, shows the cat’s owner cradling the feline in a baby wrap.
  • The Instagram account, @seniorcatmk, was created to promote the joy of adopting older cats.

A woman has sent waves of joy across the internet with her endearing method of carrying her senior cat. She shared her unique approach on Instagram, and the internet simply can’t get enough!

The video, which has been viewed more than 3.9 million times, shows the cat’s owner cradling the elderly feline in a baby wrap against her chest. She gently rocks the cat to sleep, much like a baby. The video can be seen here.

The cat, adopted at the ripe age of 10, is seen snuggling up to her owner, enjoying a peaceful nap in the wrap. This delightful sight is reminiscent of the infants for whom the carrier was originally designed.

The video’s creator, known as @projecthxr on Instagram, revealed that she was inspired to try the baby wrap on her cat by her followers. She was thrilled with her cat’s response. “You should buy your adopted senior cat a baby wrap for the chest,” she advised in the post.

The post was captioned, “Y’all I cannot. She literally loves it so much that she really doesn’t want to be put down now.” This clearly shows how much the cat adores her new mode of transportation.


The video was posted on the Instagram account @seniorcatmk, which was created to “spread the joys of adopting older cats from the shelter.”

Older cats are often overlooked at rescue shelters, with potential adopters favoring younger cats and kittens. The owner of this cat hopes to change that by sharing regular updates on her sweet tabby cat, MK.

Since being posted on October 25, the Instagram post has received over 393,000 likes. Many users have expressed their love for MK the senior cat and her baby wrap in the comments section. Others have shared their thoughts on the sheltering sector.

One user said, “I could watch this video on repeat.” Another commented, “OMG I’m crying, she’s so happy & you look so happy too.”

However, not all comments were positive, with one user pointing out, “Over 300,000 likes and yet 90 percent of these people are the ones who abuse, neglect, and abandoned pets. Pretty hypocritical.”