Shelter Dog Gets A Starring Role In Hulu’s “Prey”

  • Coco’s journey from being a lost pet to a shelter dog to a Hollywood star can be movie material.
  • Given proper training and opportunity, shelter dogs can also be stars in movies.
  • Aside from highlighting the potential of shelter dogs, Coco also shines light on their plight.

They say you cannot put a good man down.  So are dogs. If they are star material, it doesn’t matter if they came from a shelter, they will shine.  Rescued dog Coco just proves this right.

Coco’s journey to stardom was not easy.  She started out as a lost pet and when no one claimed her and could not locate her family after several weeks, she ended up in a shelter.

Photo Credit: @Fultoncountyanimalservices (Facebook)

A family fostered Coco but still could not keep her. Chloe Arrington, social media coordinator for Lifeline Animal Project at Fulton County Animal Services said, “She came back to the shelter and her new family came and adopted her.” She added, “They had been hoping she would be available for adoption and, sure enough, fate stepped in!”

Photo Credit: @Fultoncountyanimalservices (Facebook)

And that is when her star started to shine as her new family are involved in the entertainment industry.  They gave her the opportunity to be in the starring role of Sarii, the partner of Naru in Hulu’s “Prey” movie. “Prey” is part of the Predator franchise.

Coco has been training with her family along with a dedicated trainer for her role as well as for future roles.

Photo Credit: @Fultoncountyanimalservices (Facebook)

In the shelter’s Facebook post, “She was originally meant to have a small role; however, her popularity among test audiences encouraged director Dan Trachtenberg to include more of Coco in the film.”

Coco may have required a little more patience as she learned how to act but her “joyful and playful personality” made her win over the people involved in the film, according to Midthunder, the movie’s lead star.

For now, everyone is happy about Coco’s new life and making people be aware of shelter dogs’ plight, potential, and capabilities if presented with an opportunity.

May your star shine bright, Coco!

Source: The Dodo

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