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South Korea Celebrates July Fourth With Amazing Drone DisplayTo Honor Frontliners [Video]



  • The Fourth of July is celebrated as Independence Day in the US, but South Korea joined the celebration this year.
  • The spectacular drone show in South Korea lighter the sky as they displayed images of frontliners and reminders of people’s role in this fight against COVID-19.
  • This is truly amazing, inspiring, and a fun way to motivate the citizen’s and keep fighting together.

The Fourth of July is famously known as the Independence Day and is usually celebrated in the United States only. But this year, South Korea decided to celebrate this spectacular event in their own version.

South Korea deployed 300 drones synchronized to light the sky near the Han River in Seoul that is intended to honor the frontliners and first responders during this global pandemic. This was made possible through the efforts of the Ministry of Land Infrastructure and Transport. 

After South Korea has taken control of the COVID-19 earlier than its other Asian country neighbors, there were new cases that have sprouted recently.

Photo Credit: @kpopped (Facebook)

In the drone light show that lasted for 10 minutes, it showed a series of images that reminded people of their responsibilities to fight the unseen enemy. 

Photo Credit: @kpopped (Facebook)

One of them is a pair of hands with three droplets that signifies to always wash hands and disinfect. Another image showed two persons wearing masks and lines with arrows on both ends that mean social distancing. 

Then ultimately the heroes of this pandemic were featured — the health workers who strive hard to keep everyone healthy and safe. 

Photo Credit: 국토교통부 (Youtube)

“Thanks to the medical staff, people who are precious to me can be safe,” says one of the viewers.

“I hope the warm hearts come together and the people of the nation can overcome it! Thank you for a great event,” says another one.

Photo Credit: @kpopped (Facebook)

This is such a fun way to honor the heroes of this war against the virus and to remind people what they should do to keep themselves protected.

Source: Inspire More