Watch: Sweet Cat Pampers His Dad With Soothing Massages [Video]

  • A cat named Pulgozo is getting the love from the internet after a video of him massaging his dad went viral.
  • The cat looks very intent in making sure his human dad gets the pampering he needs.
  • Pulgozo’s mom, Gigi Lopez, said the cat “has always been in love with giving massages.”

Some cats love receiving tender caresses — a belly rub, a head or neck scratch, and some hugs. But Pulgozo seems to prefer giving them to those he loves.

Pulgozo’s mom, Gigi Lopez, took to TikTok to share a relaxing little video of her cat working his magic on her husband after a tiring day.

Here’s a video of Pulgozo in action:


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In the clip, the gray tabby cat is seen pawing and kneading his dad’s back in what seems to be one very soothing massage.

“He has always been in love with giving ‘massages,'” Lopez told The Dodo.

Photo by Velizar Ivanov on Unsplash

Just looking at the relieved expression of Gigi’s husband, it’s clear Pulgozo successfully accomplished his mission. And we envy him. He is so lucky to have a personal masseuse at home.

Pulgozo was rescued by the family as a kitten. He may be eager to show them affection as a sign of gratitude. Either way, he’s certainly an adorable cat.

Source: The Dodo

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