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Sweet Dad-And-Daughter Bonding Moment Dancing To Salsa Caught On Video! [Video]



  • Emma is a natural dancer and she’s got the moves. 
  • With her family’s support, especially her dad who dances with her, it will not come as a surprise if she becomes a great dancer in the future.
  • In a viral video which has garnered hundreds of thousands of views, the duo had their very sweet father and daughter bonding dancing to Salsa music while Emma was still wearing her pair of pajamas atop their kitchen counter, dad dancing with her, and her mom taking the video.

All kids naturally love dancing, but only a few are born gifted with immense talent of rhythm — such as Emma, Paola Teran’s daughter.

When the mother of two from Buford, Georgia, walked into their kitchen, she saw Emma standing on the counter top, dancing, and very happy. Thankfully, her dad was there to keep watch and make sure she’s safe and won’t fall while he was also dancing with her at the same time!

Swaying along with the Salsa music playing in the background, they looked like they were having the time of their lives. Happiness is so evident in their faces. So Paola started recording the special father-and-daughter moment with her phone camera and then uploaded the video on Instagram to people’s delight.

The video went viral quickly because who could resist Emma’s cuteness as she dances on the kitchen counter wearing her Minnie Mouse pajamas grinning all the time? I mean, I even played it over and over again while smiling all the time!

Photo Credit: @paolateran1 (Instagram)

“I’m a #princess not because I have a prince, but because my father is a #king!” Paola wrote in the caption of the video which has since earned hundreds of thousands of views!

Photo Credit: @paolateran1 (Instagram)

People love it! We love it! Dad is just so sweet! And Emma is absolutely adorable! We have just officially become fans!

Source: Inspire More