Tabby Cat and Pig Are Inseparable Since They Were Tiny Kitten and Piglet [Video]

  • An unlikely friendship between a cat and a potbelly pig has viewers hooked and in love.
  • From the first time that the two met, they instantly bonded and have become sleeping and grooming buddies.
  • Their mom, Jody Fraser is in a dilemma about whether to keep the pig inside the house as he has grown too big for the house, leaving viewers to root for keeping him inside.

Jody Fraser is an animal lover.  And to give her two cats, turtle and dogs more space to grow and thrive, she decided to relocate to the countryside.  As if the group is not enough, she added a pig into the family.  That’s when her tabby Billy and the Vietnamese potbelly, Wilbur, fell in love instantly.

The duo has become inseparable and they are simply just BFFs.

Fraser said, “The two, just from the beginning, became the best buddies ever.” She added, “They just love each other. I’m not sure where it came from.”

And it is not just their mom who is gushing over the cuddle buddies but the internet cannot get enough of them.  The kitty and the piggy have definitely melted hearts with their photos of their snuggles. 

Their mom says that the two have each other’s backs as she finds them grooming each other many times in a day.

But there is one thing that she is unsure about— how to keep Wilbur inside the house as he’s growing too fast and big.   Although Fraser describes Wilbur as the nicest little crazy pig ever and is very, very low maintenance, he might not fit inside the house anymore.

Fraser is hoping she still can keep Wilbur in the house as “he’s become a part of the family now, so I don’t see him going outside.” Yes, please. Keep Wilbur in.

Source: Daily Paws

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love is mysterious. pigs are quite intelligent and can even be toilet trained although i think paper might be more practicle. how can you separate two animals who love each other? they would both go into mourning.