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Kitten Ditches Owner to Cuddle with Dog Sibling

Kitten Ditches Owner to Cuddle with Dog Sibling [Video]

Monkey the kitten was hanging out with their human when they decided to cuddle with someone else. In a video shared on TikTok, Monkey can be seen walking away and heading to their dog...

Cat Forms Perfect Bond with Shiba Inu Siblings

Saki, Ibuki, and Hazuki, three adorable Shiba Inu dogs, have been living a happy, content life with their family in Japan. When they welcomed Kiki the cat into their family, their parents were amazed...

Adorable Dog Thinks and Acts Like his Cat Siblings

When Bethany’s family went to a local rescue to adopt a dog that would get along with their cats at home, they did not expect one like Mako. When they got home, the family...