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Cuteness Overload: 15 Adorable Photos of Sleeping Cats

Cats are simply adorable no matter what they do. These 15 adorable photos of sleeping cats are sure to melt your heart. The napping balls of fluff are just cuteness overload! Just when you...
Coolest Sleeping Cat Formations

15 of the Coolest Sleeping Cat Formations

Cats love napping just about everywhere. They simply possess the unusual ability to fit in the tightest spaces. It turns out that they also form the coolest formations when sleeping together! Cats absolutely love...
Cats Using Parking Bumpers as Pillows

Look: Cats Using Parking Bumpers as Pillows

Cats have an uncanny ability to make a seemingly uncomfortable spot the perfect napping spot. We have seen cats napping in boxes, windowsills, and even trees. These cats use car bumpers as pillows! Cats...