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Look: Cats Using Parking Bumpers as Pillows



  • Cats have an uncanny ability to make a seemingly uncomfortable spot the perfect napping spot.
  • We have seen cats napping in boxes, windowsills, and even trees.
  • These cats use car bumpers as pillows!

Cats seem to be able to nap just about everywhere: boxes, windowsills, and trees.

But have you seen a cat napping on a parking bumper?

A Twitter user from Japan, Ijnaoba1927, sparked an online thread when they shared photos of their neighborhood cats seemingly using parking bumpers as pillows:

Photo Credit: ijnaoba1927

The post has since received over a million likes and over 268,000 retweets and comments.

People started to share their own photos of cats resting on parking bumpers!

Take a look at some of the photos:

1. This kitty has made the car bumper its bed.

Photo Credit: masasamamasa14

2. Just cozying up the car stop.

Photo Credit: clabbit_ykn

3. Watch out — it’s this cat’s territory now.

Photo Credit: Cocco16162525

4. “I’m always watching.”

Photo Credit: shiva8250

5. Look at this cutie!

Photo Credit: yeon_nynag

6. This kitty seems to have found its perfect pillow.

Photo Credit: masasamamasa14

7. “Yo! I’m just chillin’.”

Photo Credit: idumo

8. Even pet cats love it!

Photo Credit: SYL_0811

9. This kitty just blends into the background.

Photo Credit: nervfavoriteUSA

10. It turns out that big cats have a similar habit!

Ingrid Johnson, a cat behaviorist, offered an explanation as to why cats do this.

“Just like humans, cats are no strangers to seeking out comfort and they may choose to simply rest their head because it is there and easily accessible,” Ingrid told Bored Panda.

The warmth it provides is also a bonus. “Concrete often heats up and provides a nice warm place to sunbathe,” Ingrid continued.


Ingrid added: “I would be willing to bet if something soft and cozy were provided as an option, they would choose that over a parking bumper, but if they are an indoor/outdoor cat or a feral cat they are essentially using this as a pillow!”

Source: Bored Panda