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The Dodo Editors Share Their Pets’ Sneaky Habits



  • Have you ever wondered what pets are up to when they think we’re not looking?
  • Perhaps you can relate to these pet stories that the editors from The Dodo shared.
  • Some bite through stuff, some just snooze, and some make the most unusual of sounds!

Pets can get up to the sneakiest things when they think we aren’t looking. And whenever we do catch them doing something naughty, they could win a “Best Actor” award for the way they look at us innocently! The editors from The Dodo shared such stories about their pets.

1. Chicken

Photo Credit: Aviel Kanter

Aviel Kanter would hear “very intense” growling sounds when she’s working in her home office. She would then find her mini Australian shepherd, Chicken, whipping her bed around in her jaws “like she’s a wolf in the wild.”

Chicken would then give her mom the “stank eye” when she notices her looking, and “nonchalantly saunters out of the room” with all its carnage.

2. Cannoli

Photo Credit: Christie Rotondo

Cannoli is a simple girl. She loves sleeping! What’s even more adorable is the sounds she makes.

Christie Rotondo shares, “Sometimes I hear a snore that sounds exactly like something from a cartoon character. I’m talking full on mi-mi-mi-mi noises like out of an old animation, or a solid pbbbbt, pbbbbt vibration from her jowls. It’ll crack me up mid-meeting, and honestly, has even interrupted a few.”

3. Luna

The Dodo Editors Share Their Pets' Sneaky Habits
Photo Credit: Moná Thomas

Moná Thomas suddenly heard a loud and continuous “chattering” sound while she was working.

When she checked it out, she learned that Luna was “excitedly ‘talking’ to the birds sitting atop the opposite building.”

She added, “She looked back at me like I disrupted her conversation! Now I don’t bother her when she’s minding her business with her bird conversation.”

4. Zeke

The Dodo Editors Share Their Pets' Sneaky Habits
Photo Credit: Andrea Morabito

Sneaky Zeke has mastered the art of deception.

He places himself beside something he’s not allowed to chew on, like a table leg, and chews on something he’s allowed to, like a nylon bone.

“When he thinks I’m not looking, he’ll slowly switch from chewing the approved item to the one that’s off-limits,” Andrea Morabito shares. “When I call him out on it, he gives me his best ‘Who, me?’ innocent look. Honestly, I’d be more upset if I wasn’t so impressed by his deviousness!”

5. Guava

The Dodo Editors Share Their Pets' Sneaky Habits
Photo Credit: Joanna Douglas

Guava is one of those cats who make eerie noises at 4 a.m. when everyone’s asleep.

Joanna Douglas shares, “She’ll make a series of high-pitched repetitive shrieks for maybe 20 minutes at a time. The sound is unnerving — like a distress call!”

When they check up on her, she’s only chasing and hunting her favorite feather toy.

6. Goji

Photo Credit: Joanna Douglas

Joanna calls their other cat, Goji, “a true snack monster with an insatiable appetite and desire to eat, lick or sniff everything edible.”

Whenever they aren’t paying attention to their food, Goji would sneak a lick or bite. He would even scavenge for dropped food crumbs!


7. Barkley

Photo Credit: Rebecca Gruber

This stealthy labrador retriever is food-obsessed like Goji.

Rebecca Gruber shared the one time she had just taken the lid off her salad, “and in the blink of an eye he inhaled half of it.”

The best part is while Rebecca “stared in disbelief,” Barkley gave her a “little smirk” that showed his thrill for the hunt.

Source: The Dodo